Accessibility Services

Mount Mary University is committed to providing equal opportunities in higher education to academically qualified students with disabilities. If you have a recognized physical, learning, sensory or psychological disability or medical impairment, you can access tools and resources to help you master course content.

Mount Mary’s Director of Accessibility Services can help you determine and address your needs, but Mount Mary does not offer a specialized curriculum for persons with disabilities nor specialized disability advisers.


New to MMU, or in need of accommodations for the first time? It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Apply for Accommodations

2. Provide Documentation

3. Schedule an Appointment with Accessibility Services


Returning student, and want to use your accommodations again this semester? NEW for Spring 2021, renew your accommodations online!

Renew My Accomodations


How do I schedule an appointment to set up accommodations? 

Please call Accessibility Services at (414) 930-3214 or email us at to set up an appointment. 

Are the appointments in person or virtual?

Appointments can be completed either virtually or in person, as requested by the student. Students and staff will wear masks for the duration of the visit. Students are encouraged to limit meetings to no more than one other guest if in person. Should the student wish to bring more than one guest with them for the meeting, they should let Accessibility Services as soon as possible so a larger room can be reserved. 

How will I/ my faculty receive my Accommodation Letter this semester? 

In order to reduce 'high touch' surfaces as well as decreasing the need for in person meetings, Accommodation Letters will be electronically released to faculty this semester. Students may choose whether they wish to email a copy of their Accommodation Letter to faculty themselves, or Accessibility Services can assist by sending this to faculty on the student's behalf.  Accessibility Services will print out paper copies for students upon request. 

I am concerned about attending class due to COVID-19; what are my options?

Students who have chronic health conditions or disabilities that are uncomfortable attending class should contact Accessibility Services. If you are only requesting a Course Modification to online or remote learning, and no other academic accommodations, you may complete the Request for Course Format Change form. 

If you are interested in both utilizing academic accommodations (such as extended time for testing, note taking assistance, etc.) and requesting a course format change, you will need to work directly with Accessibility Services. Please note that students who are pursuing accommodations will need to provide documentation relating to their chronic health condition/ disability. 

I am planning on pursuing remote learning this Fall, but would still like to explore accommodations. What kind of accommodations are available to support me as a remote student? 

You are entitled to use the same accommodations you were approved to use for online learning as well as in person learning. However, these might look a little different in a remote learning format. 

For example, you might have qualified to take a test in a private or distraction reduced testing environment. Some students who are learning remotely do not have access to a quiet space in their home to complete testing. The student should work with Accessibility Services to discuss renting noise canceling headphones from MMU or modifying the time of their test to be at a time that is more quiet (e.g. if your family members take a nap at 2 p.m. and it is more quiet at that time, work with faculty to modify the test time from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.). 

Please contact Accessibility Services to discuss any questions or concerns you have about utilizing your Accommodations for distance learning. 

I do not want to wear a mask on campus, or I believe that my health condition/ disability does not allow me to wear a mask on campus. Who should I talk to?

Students who have concerns about wearing masks on campus should work with Accessibility Services to discuss accommodations. 

I have missed class(es) due to medical reasons/ illness; what do I do?

If your health issue is related to a personal diagnosis of COVID-19, students should follow MMU policy by contacting the VP of Student Affairs at

Students should work with their specific faculty member to discuss options to make up work or attend class remotely should they miss class due to other health related issues or if they have significant exposure to a person who has tested positive to COVID-19.

If your class absence is related to your disability or chronic health condition and you feel that you need to discuss accommodations to help you, please contact Accessibility Services to determine if there are any modifications possible to your Accommodation Letter that could assist you.

Contact Accessibility Services

You can confidentially email, call, or fax Jackie Wells, the Director of Accessibility Services. You may also schedule an individual appointment.

Office Location: Student Success Center, Haggerty Library, room 124.
Phone: (414) 930-3214
Fax: (414) 930-3700