Student Handbook

Mount Mary University’s Undergraduate and Graduate Student Handbooks are guides that describe all activities, offices, services, policies, procedures, right and responsibilities, organizations and student government. The handbooks are supplementary to the Undergraduate and Graduate Bulletins. Each student is responsible for reading, understanding and following all of the university’s policies, rules and regulations.

The student handbooks and academic bulletins are accurate at the time of publication. Mount Mary reserves the right to make changes as appropriate and without advanced notice. If changes are made, students will be notified by the appropriate office and have access to information on any changes in the handbook or academic bulletins.

Please refer to the handbook for the following information:

  • Introduction to Mount Mary University
  • Administrative Offices
  • Student Affairs Department
  • Campus Information (including emergency campus closing information)
  • Academic Affairs Policies and Statements
  • Technology Policies
  • Student Affairs Policies and Statements
  • Academic Calendar